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Hi all,
Its good to be back in touch with you updating my blog on our fancy new website. Who would have thought!

Cathy and Memorial Garden

As you will have heard, my dear friend Cathy, the duchess of Montrose passed away and we all miss her so much at the Preshal. What I loved about Cathy was that she had great relationships not just with the staff but also the clients and knew many of them by name.
Cathy’s daughter Hermoine has taken over her role as president of the Preshal Trust which is wonderful and I know ‘oor cathie’ would be delighted about this.
We have a large area of overgrown land at the side of the Preshal building which the Clydeport Authorities gave us when we were constructing our building. Every time I looked at it I thought it was such an eyesore so at Cathy’s memorial service we had a collection to kick-start our project to create a memorial garden in her honour as a lasting legacy of her work and contribution to the Trust.
Our plan would be for disabled access to allow everyone to enjoy the garden. We will have a children’s play area, quiet reflective seating area, vegetable garden, fruit trees all of which we could use in our cooking classes and lunch clubs and also have a colourful array of flowers and shrubs.
We are actively fundraising at the moment to secure enough funds to start the project so please pray and…………… watch this space.

Reflections on Inverness

Our trips to Inverness were a great success. We had the Preshal Band, Pastor Tom Kelly from the Bogside in Ireland and we had a few from Preshal. They were a great team and we were all on fire for the visit.
We were in Rosskean the first night where James Campbell of Blythswood Trust did a presentation on a booklet of my testimony which has been produced in several languages to be sent over to Europe. The booklet is also being used in various churches and prisons in Scotland as an outreach tool so I would value your prayers that this booklet would reach people whose lives are broken and hopeless that through reading this booklet they would find that there is hope for everyone and that they could get their lives back on track.
Tom Kelly gave an inspiring word and I shared about the work of the Preshal Trust and the band played some of their new tracks which was really well received by all who attended.
We had a visit to Grey Friars FC in Inverness which was a special night for us. Malcolm McLean and his wife provided us with wonderful hospitality and the next night we were in Dornock FC where the church went all out and had a lovely meal and invited the community in to join with us. Theresa, our kitchen assistant shared her testimony and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.
I will update you all with news from my trips to Stornoway in my next blog.


We are now into our caravan season and it is wonderful to see families getting a holiday break down at Sandylands Caravan Park where we have facilities like indoor swimming, kids club and there is also an ice rink and ten pin bowlng near the park if they are feeling adventurous. There is also a safe beach nearby for them to paddle in.
We have families who have never had the opportunity to go to the seaside or even to go on holiday and they have a fabulous time in our new fully kitted out caravan.
We try to fill the caravan with the bare essentials of food to start them off on their holiday which means they can treat the kids to a wee ‘pokey hat’ (Glasgow for ‘ice cream’) when they are ‘doon at the watter’ with their pails and spades.
You have no idea how uplifting it is for these families to be away and some of these kids write about their experiences in their homework diaries and always ask when they are going back to Sandylands.

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