The Preshal Trust is a Scottish Charity ~ No. SC033632

About the Trust

The Preshal Trust was launched in November 2002 and is a registered charity based in Govan. This is an area of economic and social deprivation with high unemployment, low educational attainment, poor health and serious poverty levels and our objective is to provide support and to deliver a range of services to socially excluded people and families living in the Govan area of Glasgow.

The work of the organisation is underpinned by the following Mission Statement:

“The aim of the Preshal Trust is to make a difference to the lives of people within South West Glasgow by providing holistic, locally based care and support to individuals and their families suffering from the effects of social exclusion.”

‘Preshal’ is the Gaelic for precious - and this is one of the key values that describes the care and support given to all people who access our services.

Our Client Base

The project supports a range of clients of all ages who have addiction problems, mental health issues, disabilities, ex-offenders, prisoners and their families, infants, children, young people, parents and carers and anyone affected by social exclusion and isolation.

We have received an increase in referrals from the Scottish Association for Mental Health, Addaction, Social Work & NHS Departments, Elder Park Homeless Unit and various Housing Associations. We are able to offer facilities to outside groups to work alongside them and support them and have an Addiction Group Meeting (SMART) who meet every Thursday within the Trust premises.

In particular, emphasis is given to our Early Intervention Youth Programme where we want to reach young people before they take part in gang culture or anti-social behaviour.


Privacy Statement for the Preshal Trust 

The Preshal Trust holds a small amount of personal data on the Clients that use its service. This data is kept in an electronic form and also hard copy (paper records).  The data that is held is kept to ensure the safety and best care for staff and Clients of the Preshal Trust.  Under normal circumstances the data is destroyed one year after a Client stops attending the Preshal Trust, but this is at the Managers discretion.

Under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the Preshal Trust must be clear under which lawful purpose it holds any data, whether it is transferred to any other authority and ensure there are processes in place for Clients to rectify, erase and view personal data held by the Preshal Trust.

The Preshal Trust does not routinely transfer Client data to any other organisation accept in cases of medical emergency, when such information is vital for the safety of the Client. An example is if a Client was epileptic or diabetic.

Preshal Trust holds personal data under the lawful basis of Legitimate Interest.

For Legitimate Interest to be an appropriate lawful basis there has to be satisfactory response to three questions.

·         Can you identify a Legitimate Interest?

·         Is it possible to show that the processing is necessary to achieve it?

·         Can you balance the legitimate interest against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms?

With the case of the Preshal Trust the questions can all be answered appropriately to make Legitimate Interest the lawful basis for holding data.

The data given to the Preshal Trust by Clients is given freely in the form of answering a questionnaire. If the Client does not wish to give personal data that does not preclude them coming into the Trust and using certain services. In some cases where appropriate a carer will answer the questions with the Clients consent.

Under the terms of GDPR Clients have the right to:

·         Erasure of data

·         Access to all data stored and request for a correction to any records

·         Limit how the data is used

·         Withdrawal of consent for Preshal Trust to hold the data

The Preshal Trust has policies in place to handle such requests.

If there is a concern about the way the Preshal Trust processes data that can be made to, the Operations Manager at the Preshal Trust or the governing body for information security; The Information Commission Office at  

Weekly Programme


    Art Class, Knitting,
    Sewing, Cooking Classes,
    Women's Group 1.30pm - 3pm

  • - - -    +    - - -


    Quiz, Digital Photography
    Lunch Club,
    Choir, Music Class,

  • - - -    +    - - -


    Arts and Crafts,
    IT Class,
    Cooking Class,

  • - - -    +    - - -


    Beetle Drive/Quiz,
    Lunch Club,
    SW Area Foodbank 12-2pm,
    Bingo, Guitar Class,  Pool

  • - - -    +    - - -


    Literacy Classes,
    Baking Class, Crafts Club,
    Lunch Club, Pool/Dominoes, Themed Entertainment

  • - - -    +    - - -


    Preshal Fellowship

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  • Centre Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm; Tuesday 9.00am-8.30pm; Sunday 6pm-8pm

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